My master thesis

Qudratic field based cryptography

Česká verze zde
My master thesis written in 2008 deals with cryptography based on clthe ass group of imaginary quadratic fields. The annotation is:
Imaginary quadratic fields were first suggested as a setting for public-key cryptography
by Buchmann and Williams already in 1988 and more cryptographic schemes followed. Although
the resulting protocols are currently not as efficient as those based on elliptic curves,
they are comparable to schemes based on RSA and, moreover, their security is believed to
be independent of other widely-used protocols including RSA, DSA and elliptic curve

This work gathers present results in the field of quadratic cryptography. It recapitulates
the algebraic theory needed to work with the class group of imaginary quadratic fields.
Then it investigates algorithms of class group operations, both asymptotically and
practically effective. It also analyses feasible cryptographic schemes and attacks upon

A library implementing described cryptographic schemes is a part of this work.

The whole paper is in Czech and it can be downloaded as PDF, PS or PS.GZ.

Libiqc library

The library implementing three cryptographic protocols in the class group of imaginary quadratic fields is a part of the master thesis.